135 x 41cm
137 x 42cm

W-Series-2013-TOP W-Series-2013-BOTTOM

W-series is top of the line pure wakestyle kiteboard to be enjoyed with kite and also in a cable park. Board’s construction allows to perform various tricks easily be it with footpads or boots. The board has hybrid rocker for the explosive pop, clean landings and minimum necessary gliding ability for kiteboarding. Besides footstraps the board can accommodate all kitewake and wakeboard binding options on the market.The board has specially reinforced combined wood core and is  manufactured with snowboard technology making it good balance between  weight, strength and flex. Boards geometry and core are specially  fine-tuned for dynamic riding. Outline of the board fits perfectly for choppy conditions.

Riding features of W-series:

-kiteboarding and cable park
-explosive pop and clean landingsnumerous stance positions
-6”, 6.5”, 7” and 8” binding options
-easy riding in chop
-easy riding & control on cable park constructions

Technology features of W-series:

-hydrodynamic stabilizer streaks on the bottom
-reinforced combined wood core
-high hybrid rocker
-optimal flex
-concave bottom deck
-reinforced rails
-snowboard base technology durable bottom sheet