402.00065.000-polar-glove-2layer 2015 Polar 2 layer
Hinta: 50,50€
Koot: S -XL
Skin/Mesh neopren with FTM (fluid taped) seams
Double water seal cuff
Plush inside for max. warmth
402.70150.000-sealed-gloves-2mmw-mesh-back Sealed gloves 2mm mesh
Koot: L XL
• Skin/Mesh Neopren with FTM (fluid taped) seams
• water seal inside cuff
• inside palm protection for wear and tear
402.00060.000-hydrogen-glove Hydrogen Mitten
Hinta: 35€
Koot: S – XL
3mm double lined neoprene glove
Mitten part in 2 finger
Print for durability and protection
402_00080_000-colwater-mittens Cold water mittens 6mm
Hinta: 22€ ALE
Koko M – XL
6mm double lined mitten for max. warmth.
 402.00030.000-curved-finger-long-ut PL Curved finger
Hinta : 20€ ALE
Koot: XL
The mesh gloves features a high durable palm combined with a skin neoprene outside for maximum windchill protection and warmth.Skin/double lined neoprene glove with pre-curved finger
402.00070.000-openpalm-mittens PL Open palm mittens
Hinta: 17€ ALE
Koot: S – XL
  • Mitten with open palm for the best feeling