401-50200-000_hydrogen_boot_polar_7mm Prolimit hydrogen boots 7mm
Todella lämmin ja joustava tossu. Samalla kestävä.
Hinta: 55€ (79,90)
koot: 40-45
  The ultimate 7mm cold water boot. Cold feet will not exist anymore. GBS construction with FTM seams. LSS (long stretch seams) and 4D stretch neoprene for super easy entry of the boot. Dryseal closure with additional top strap, seals of the boot completely. Zodiac lining on the inside and velvet insole, warm and comfortable. Built on the OCL last for better fit and performance. Reef sole Construction for barefoot feeling, WRAP technology for stability.

401-50600-010_raider_boot_6mm PL Raider boots 
Perus tossu !
Koot 36 – 47
5mm 40€
3mm 25€
•DCS direct contact sole
•LSS Easy entry system
•OCL Last, perfect fit.Our unique orthopedic last
•Heel reinforcement
•GBS stitched, titanium neoprene
•Titanium Limestone neoprene
predator boots PL Predator 6/5mm
Helppo pukeminen ja lämmin !
Koot 39 – 45
Hinta 70€
•DCS direct contact sole
•Footlock Arch control
•OCL Last, perfect fit Our unique orthopedic last
•Easy entry system
•Velvet insole
•FTM seams
•Heel reinforcement
•Stretch aligned panels
•Boot cut shoe. Shoe ends where your suits begins
•Titanium Limestone neoprene


All round watersport boot with LSS easy entry system. Wider fit last. Velcro Arch adjustment strap for fixed foot position.

• DCS direct contact sole
• Titanium Limestone neoprene
• Wider foot shape
• LSS easy entry system
• Heel reinforcement
• Arch Velcro adjustment strap

Hinta 49€

2014 mallit 35€ ALE!



Hybrid style boot with extreme barefoot feeling. Split toe construction with a ProteX Sole for durabillity. Velvet insole for warm and comfort feel.

Split toe construction
Dryseal for warm and dry feel
Velvet Insole
Non stretch arch panel for unparralled control
Glued and blindstiched construction
FTM re-inforced nose seams
ProteX sole
Extreme barefoot feeling

Hinta 30€ ALE 



Extreme barefoot feeling. Spilt toe construction with DURA Sole for durability and barefoot feeling. Glued and blindstitched construction with FTM Seams. Our LSS (long stretch seams) and our Mercury neoprene for easy entry of the boot. Our dryseat closure seals of the boot. On the inside we use our Zodiac lining and velvet insole, for the best warmth and comfort. Footlock Arch control for stability. A new dimension of the split toe concept.

Dure sole, Construction for barefoot feeling and durability
Split toe construction
Footlock Arch control
Zodiac lining on inside
Velvet insole
FTM seams
Heel reinforcement
Stretch aligned panels
Dry seal top closure
Mercury stretch neoprene in upper boot

Hinta: 65€




Hyvä valinta myös suppailijoille tai melojille !

Actually a low boot! Low enough to wear with a shorty, high enough to combine with a full wetsuits. Glued and blindstiched construction with Footlock arch control! Built on our OCL last for better fit and performance.• GBS, Glued and Blindstitched watersealed seams
• DCS direct contact sole
• OCL Last, perfect fit . Our unique orthopedic last
• Segmented Torsion sole, maximum of flexibility
• Super Grid Low stretch neoprene around the foot for extra stability
• Heel lock reinforcement
• Stretch aligned panels
• Footlock Arch control, keeps your foot in place
• Titanium Limestone neoprene
• Water repellant coated for less water absorption and less weight
• 4D stretch neoprene in upper bootHinta

Hinta: 28€ ALE! Ovh 49€


All round Water sports sock. Easy entry throughlower cut. Glued and blind stitched construction.

Hinta 25€




Prolimit Evo boots 5/5mm

Our hidden split toe boot. Performance driven Glued and blindstiched construction. Our LSS (long stretch seams) for easy entry of the boot. Our dryseal closure seals of the boot completely. Reef sole Construction for barefoot feeling. Footlock Arch control for stability.

• Reef sole Construction for barefoot feeling
• Hidden Split toe
• Footlock Arch control
• Heel reinforcement
• Stretch aligned panels
• Dry seal closure
• Titanium Limestone neoprene

Hinta 55€