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2017 Prolimit Fusion St. 3/2 Shortarm
Koot: XS S M MT L
Hinta:69€ (139)
The Fusion shortarm is a combination of carefully selected materials to create one of the most versatile wetsuits available. Full stretch where you need it in Airflex 500+ limestone neoprene.
prolimit-pl-fusion-st-32-dl-wetsuit-2017 2017 PL Fusion St. 3/2 (FL)
Viimeinen kappale
Hinta: 69€ (179)
Koko: XXL
The Prolimit Fusion steamer 3/2 ¾ leg, PURITY in design. The Fusion 3mm ¾ leg has all the top end technical features. We use flatlock seam construction for stretch and our Airflex500 in high stretch areas for comfort and fit
  2017 Prolimit  Fusion 4/3 
Double line Steamer.
TARJOUS: 109€ (199)
Koot: S M MT L XXL
Fusion Steamer 5/3
Hinta:139€ (279)
Koko: L
Prolimit fuses a careful selection of materials together to create one of the most versatile wetsuit ranges available. Full stretch where you need it in Airflex 500+, Zodiac lining for optimum heat
400-66050-070_fusion_steamer_4_3_dl_blue_yellow_front 2017 Prolimit Fusion DL St. 4/3
Kuvasta poiketen  väritys sini/oranssi
Koot: M 
Hinta: 79€ (189)
The Prolimit Fusion steamer 4/3, PURITY in design. The Fusion 4mm suit has all the top end technical features. We use glued and blind stitched seam construction for stretchy and durable watertight seams. Airflexx 500 is used in high stretch areas for good fit and freedom of movement.
2015 Prolimit C6 FTM Steamer
Koot: MT XL  NeonRed värit
Hinta: 125€ (299)
FTM seam construction and blindstitched inside. Skin and Zodiac chest and back panel for comfort and no windchill. The FTM is for progressive riders who want true value.
2016 RRD Fahrenheit 5/3 B/Z
Koot: XL XXL
The Fahrenheit is the latest development available for a super quick drying wetsuit combined with extra durability and stretch. It suits perfectly for demanding riders that are not kept ashore by cold.
Quickdry is not only about a lining that dries quickly, at least as important is how much water the lining takes up when wetted.Our Quickdry takes up 20% less water and therefore dries quicker.
Also important is the hollow fiber structure of the quickdry lining. This means that the lining is capable of holding more warmth and isolate better then other linings. We have this for instance as one of the only ones around the knees; a crucial body part to keep the rest of your body warm.
The whole wetsuit is made without any stitches, it’s fully liquid taped on the outside and fabric taped on the inside to offer superior stretch and a longer lifetime. Internally, it’s made with an especially engineered quick drying lining that features two layers of fibers on top of each other, woven with a squared pattern design that allows water to flow through it to the oustide and quickly downwards. It’s like pulling water towards the oustide and channeling it downwards so it can dry quickly. We have tested the Fahrenheit in European autumn sunshine, with an air temperature of 20°C, and we got it dry in less than 20 minutes! This special lining also keeps you warmer and longer in the water! 
400.43020.010-c5-64-powerseam-blue-red-front 2014 PROLIMIT C5 POWERSEAM 6/4 LTD
HINTA: 170€ (449)
Styling is eye catching. No compromises on this suit: most technical construction with the best materials. If you check the feature list, you will know it is the best suit out on the water!Leg drain holes
Airflex 550
Shin pads
Short shark tooth zipper
Tricore neoprene
Key pocket
Water seal cuff
Ice 2 lining
Fitted collar
Water repellant coating
2015 Prolimit Evo F/Z 5/3 St.
HINTA: 99€ (199)
The 2015 Prolimit EVO Free-X 5mm wetsuit offers the perfect fit and easy entry. The suit is constructed using glued and blindstiched seams for comfort, seal and durability. Freezip construction, an innovation which Prolimit introduced 22 years ago.
2016 Prolimit Evo free-x 5/3 St.
*removable hooded*
Hinta:149€ (299) SUOMIPUKU!
 The Free-X 5/3 can stand in any condition. In cold conditions you can use the new airflex 550+ removable hood. Simplicity in design gives the free-x it’s ultimate performance. Using our vertical zip concept for perfect fit and easy entry. FTM seams, Zodiac Lining and blindstitched inside. Removable hood so it can be used in all conditions.
Colour: Blue GreyRemovable airflex 550+ hood
2017 Prolimit Mercury 6/4 St.
 B/Z FTM Seams 
Koot:XS S
Sopii naisille s ja m koosta2016 Prolimit Mercury 6/4 B/Z
Navy Blue
Hinta:139€ (379€)
Duotone materials, Airflex 500+ neoprene, stylish looks, High end, FTM taped seams
Zodiac Lining
Quick Dry Lining
FTM Seals
Collar Fitted
Collar Fused
400.54020.020-mercury-free-x-64-lightblue-front 2015 PROLIMIT MERCURY 6/4 St.
FREEZIP (double velcro)FTM seams
KOKO: L,XL (Navy sininen kuvasta poiketen)
HINTA: 120€ (299)
The Mercury wetsuit is designed with tons of tech features. Built from the latest stretch materials, with a simplistic minimal seam design for more comfort and freedom of movement during your session. The FTM (fluid taping method) seams and Zodicac lining (plush inside) make it one of the warmest wetsuits out there. No zipper needed on this suit. Performance and comfort are the key feature of the free-x.Only avaibable in navy.Leg drain holes
Airflex 550
Key pocket
Water seal cuff
Fused technology
Fitted collar
Velcro leg cuffs
Water repellant coating
FTM seam
Zodiac lining
2017 Prolimit Predator B/Z FTM 6/4
Sininen koot:S M L
HINTA: 169€ (349€)
Full Air ex 500+ neoprene with FTM seams. The highest building quality pos- sible. Accessible for anyone. Vertical backzips with full waterblock. 


  • Zodiac lining
  • Tough padz
  • Drain holes
  • Velcro legstraps
  • FTM renforced seams
  • Waterblock collar
  • Fitted collar
  • Fused technology
  2017 Prolimit Vapor free-X 6/4
Powerseams ultra flex
Koot: M L XL XXL
Hinta: 240 (449] SUOSITTELEMME!
High end materials, non plus ultra construction, showcase of our design team. A one time only experience which shows all tech features we possibly can bring together in a Free-X freezip wetsuit.
4D Neoprene
Zodiac Lining
DrainholesOur most flexible double lined neoprene. More flex, more comfort and lighter than our competition. 4 way stretch.


2016 Prolimit Oxygen 6/4 FTM BZ
Naisille paras puku Prolimitiltä.
Joustava,sekä laadukas ja tietysti lämmin.
Koot: S
Hinta: 199€ (399)
The Oxygen 6/4 MM is Prolimit’ s warmest female wetsuit; featuring tri-core chest and back panels with zodiac lining on the inside. The Oxygen suit keeps you warm in all conditions.

FTM seal technology
Tricore chest and back
4D neoprene
Glued-Blind Stitched
Zodiac Lining
Water repellent finish
Waterseal cuff
YKK freezip zipper
Fitted collar
Drain holes
Detachable leg straps
Key pocket

400.55020.010-oxygen-steamer-64-ftm-backzip-black-pink-front 2015 PROLIMIT OXYGEN FTM 6/4
HINTA: 159€ (399)
FTM seams and blind stitched inside. New is the Zodiac lining on the chest and back for more warmth and comfort. All season performance for any challenge of watersports. This 6/4 can stand any cold water condition.Leg drain holes
Limestone neoprene
Airflex 550
Short shark tooth zipper
Key pocket
Water seal cuff
Fused technology
Fitted collar
Water repellant coating
FTM seam
Zodiac lining
400.55060.010-fire-steamer-black-pink-front400.55060.040-fire-steamer-black-front 2015 PROLIMIT
Hinta : 129€ 199€
Koot: XS – L
Musta / Pinkki
Styled and designed with the idea of comfort and durability. Overhead waterblock for less water entry and more warmth. For progressive female riders who want true value. Perfect for cold conditions and any water challenge.• Airflex500 in stretch areas
• Windchill optimized
• Water repellent finish
• Waterblock with collar
• Glued and blindstitched
• YKK zipper
• Toughpadz
• Fitted collar
• Fused technology
• Water sealed arm cuffs
400.50000.000-hydrogen-drysuit-removable-hood-front400.50000.000-hydrogen-drysuit-removable-hood-back PROLIMIT HYDROGEN DRYSUIT REMOVABLE HOODED
Koko: XXL
HINTA: 290€ (629)
This suit is not for snowboarding, but the new look for extreme cold water suits. It is our full option Loose fit Drysuit for versatile water sports. Use thermal layer to get the best performance of our breathable microfiber. This suit is not for snowboarding, but the new look for extreme cold water suits. It is our full option Loose fit Drysuit for versatile water sports. Use thermal layer to get the best performance of our breathable microfiber. You never will be cold!T-zip dryzip
Removable hood
Anatomic shaping
Ankle latex seal
4 layer micro
Tricore neoprene
Extended cuffs
400.50020.000-hydrogen-drysuit-back 400.50020.000-hydrogen-drysuit-front PROLIMIT HYDROGEN DRYSUIT
HINTA:249€ (499)
The new look of our extreme cold water suit. It is our Loose fit Drysuit for versatile water sports. Use thermal layer to get the best performance of our breathable microfiber. You never will be cold!T-zip dryzip
Anatomic shaping
Ankle latex seal
4 layer micro
4D neoprene
Extended cuffs
ks-harness-01-the-shift-black[1] RRD SHIFT HARNESS
Koot: L XL
Hinta:90€ (169)
Finally a new complete collection of Harnesses designed specifically for each different program of use. We have taken a step back and reanalized the whole harness program available today in the market. We have come to a conclusion that we needed to design and develop a new harness collection that would be shaped around the most diverse body shapes and use purposes. For this we have taken a specific approach to analize both the anatomy of each target group and the relative best materials and technology process available today to build the new collection. We have then choosen both a new design and manufacturing team to work closely together in order to achieve the best possible result.
HINTA: 100€ (179)
high modulus seat harness for high power applications. It has a medium profile with molded upper half that carries the kite load. It has a solid bar stability through the use of our double buckle system. These double buckles combined with the molded back support allows a big adjustment of where the power from the kite can be directed int0 the harness body.

Slide in barpad

Neoprene cushioned legstraps
Back support constrol system
Elastic belt closure
3D seat shaping
Allround optimized outline profile
Duracore webbing
MPL Quad
Patented PIN release
Internal load plate Mark I
2016 Prolimit FX (WAVE)
Koot: S-XL
HINTA: 90€ (179)
The FX is our trusted high support waist harness in traditional stitched technology. The High back support and low side support outline allows for the unique crouched posture that wave riders use on the wave. True 3D shaping and pre-curving keeps it comfortable and stable. The FX has the slide-in bar pad for the best protection. This is our wave model of choice.

Pre-shaped waist harnesses
Pre-shaping means the harnesses are not made as a flat product that has to be bent around the waist. This would cause bunching and discomfort so the harnesses are shaped during production. They are ready to fit your body when new and dont need to be broken in like a traditional harness.

3D seam shaping 
3D shaping refers to the hourglass style shaping which is found in the structural layers of the harness. This shaping makes the harness fit anatomically correct and spreads the load for ultimate comfort and not unwanted movement no matter which direction the load is applied.

Superior fit and comfort
The fit is guaranteed by using the correct 3D anatomical model and aligns the harness surface with the body surface. This means no loaded edges and no unsupported sections in side the perimeter of the harness structure. Even load spread equals comfort.

404.51200.030-predator-blue-orange-front 2016/2017 PROLIMIT PREDATOR , Freestyle/freeride
Värit: Cyan ja Navy siniset sekä Musta/oranssi ja Oranssi
Koot: XS S M L XL
Arvostelu tästä
The Prolimit Predator is a top-end waist harness with medium height back support and lots of freedom of movement. The Predator Harness is a Hybrid Technology constructed Harness. Moulded parts are stitched together using our Predator X-Frame to get an optimized 3D shape. Our unique neoprene 4-point innerbelt prevents the harness riding up whilst riding and the Slide-in barpad makes sure that the dual webbing FAT spreaderbar stays in place and eliminates the potential danger of hurting your ribs. The slidein barpad offers the possibility to store a kiteknife or your carkey in an easy to reach place. The duracore straps are made of the same material as your car’s safetybelt and areundestructable. The Predator features multipleleash connections so it will suit any type of rider.
404-61210-010_kitewaist_pro_gunmetal_orange_back kitewproltdblueppal KITEWAIST PRO LTD 2016/2017
Freestyle valjaat
Koot : M L XL
Väri: sininen ja musta/oranssi
Hinta:139€ (219)splide_in_barpad


Top-end molded waist harness! . Optimized molded support and higher back and side profile for more body contact. Double buckles and mulitple Dura Core straps are spreading the Fat bar load over a bigger part of the harness body.

prolimit_assassin_boot_65 PRO-LIMIT ASSASSIN BOOT 6/5
KOKO 37-45
HINTA: 20€ (39,90)
Hybrid style boot with extreme barefoot feeling. Split toe construction with a ProteX Sole for durabillity. Velvet insole for warm and comfort feel.Split toe construction
Dryseal for warm and dry feel
Velvet Insole
Non stretch arch panel for unparralled control
Glued and blindstiched construction
FTM re-inforced nose seams
ProteX sole
Extreme barefoot feeling