Naish Skater sport 5´2
Hinta:569€ incl: fins (949€)

A great fit for beginner up through advanced kiters, the modern shape of the Skater Sport takes directional strapped or strapless riding to new levels in any surf condition.

The outline and length of the Skater Sport is finely tuned to deliver optimal control and balance, helping riders execute aerial tricks and hit critical sections with ease and confidence. An angled channel flow, rocker and single concave combine to improve grip and maneuverability for a tighter turning radius. Thinner rails help twin tip riders transition to directional riding faster, while the compact shape makes for tighter, faster, snappier turns. 

Performance strapless wave
 5´10 ja 6´0
Hinta:769€ sis. evät
(svh.899) NYT 479€
The Custom LE are state-of-the-art surf shapes for high performance, strapless riding. The range features a high tail kick, deep single concave bottom and thinned-out rails for true surf performance. Adding to the proven performance of the custom LE, is the slightly pulled-in tail, which creates a more straight outline in the tail section, thus creating a more stable platform with increased drive. Its refined rail flow increases response off bottom turns and allows for easy, precise edging. The overall flex has been increased to mimic a true polyester and wood stringer surfboard with a much lighter construction, which adds control—when attempting sharp bottom turns—and snap off the lip.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle rrd asso pigliatutto

RRD Asso pigliatutto 5´8
Allround lightwind/Freestyle
Hinta: 399€ Board only
The new shape is quite a lot thinner both in profile and rails compared to last years’ version, increasing the grip and manouverability. The board now comes in full quad configuration, increasing upwind performance and create a loose bottom turn feel with a super grippy off the top. The lower volume of this years’ model also helps to get a much lighter board in your hands.The perfect all round light wind/freestyle/hybrid small waves board for everyone to get used to a directional board

Blank: CNC PU Core with lightweight stringer.
Layup: Silmar™ polyester resin for layup and Reichold™ resin for finishing E and S X-cel® glass bottom and deck layup.
Reinforcements: Horizontal fibers bamboo deck patch with Biaxial glass heel reinforcement patches.
Boxes: Future boxes with HD PVC reinforcement blocks.

*Freeride responsive carbon flex*
135×39 137×41
Hinta:550€ complete (899€)
The LTD pro carbon version of the most wanted freestyle board in our range since its introduction. Some still refer to it as “the board with the eye” constantly reminding about its legendary grip, light feel and great ‘pop’. Once you use the Poison you immediately fall in love with it. There is something about it that makes it feel just right: the scooprocker, which is the same one used on the Poison V3. It has a constant curve with a slightly lifted tip area, but the outline has been completely re-designed. The new outline is based on the one designed for the new wake-style board program, like the Juice V2: it features a totally straight line in the middle 45 cms of the board, creating a perfect area to push hard when you are trying to edge and go upwind as hard as you can. The tip area instead, has been narrowed down quite a bit, increasing the top speed and allowing a quicker direction change, so therefore increasing the ‘pop’. The Poison has more flex in comparison to the Juice. The newly designed Torsion Box follows the profile of the tips being developed with a new squared/swallow outline creating a higher angle of attack on the water surface, and an increasing control.
2015 Naish DUB 136 x 43
Hinta: 249€ Incl. Board/FinsPerformance Freestyle/Freeride
Fins: 3.8 cm G-10 FinsThe dub offers riders the best of all worlds…superior freestyle and freeride performance with the advantages of a wakestyle inspired design. Designed for aggressive wakestyle riders using footstraps, this board delivers insane drive, edging and pop.This season’s dub features a lower rocker for improved upwind performance and increased speed while maintaining a smooth ride, even in large chop. Its newly tapered rails reduce weight in the tips, defining the edges for increased grip and solid directional stability.In addition, the 3D bottom shaping utilizes newly added center razor channels for increased edging performance and a flat center with increased V in the tips for controlled sliding.
RRD Juice V3
Hinta:290€ board/fins only (svh 472€)
complete 390€ (670€)
For wake stylers looking for a solid board that will deliver consistently in all conditions, look no further than the Juice V3. The Juice V3 is the paradigm of RRD’s non-stop research and development, and with a philosophy of constantly pushing the envelope, we have redesigned and integrated even more upgrades and high-tech features to make the favorite board of our international wakestyle team better.

Earn it to own it!

2016 NAISH ALANA 10m
kite onlyFitting a wide range of skill levels, the Alana provides smooth, adaptable performance for all-around wave and freeriding. Based on the popular Pivot and designed for women, this easy-handling kite excels in a variety of wind and wave conditions, while remaining responsive and dynamic.

Predictable power development, direct bar feel and intuitive steering put riders in complete control and a medium aspect ratio supports substantial low-end power for easy jumping, great upwind performance and remarkable “sheet-in-and-go”.


2016 NAISH TORCH 11m2
Pro Freestyle Performance/Kiteloops/Big Air
Pro Performance Freestyle

Utilizing a reduced leading edge taper and rigid arc, the kite is engineered for increased performance in high winds, outstanding control and stability in all conditions. Always rising to the challenge, the solid feel of the Torch instills kiters with confidence and trust, helping them push their riding to the next level.  

2016 NAISH DRAFT 10,5m2
BIG AIR/Performance Freeride/Race
Hinta: 690€
High Performance Freeride/Big Air/Race

The 2016 Naish Draft features a state-of-the-art airfoil design that excels at hooked-in riding, upwind performance and competitive speed. The Draft’s reduced leading edge taper adds rigidity to the wing tip—placing the axis of rotation close to the center of the kite— resulting in sharp turning and precise bar feel.

The five struts on the 7, 9, 10.5, and 12 sizes optimize performance and increase control in strong winds, while the three struts on the 14 and 17 sizes are ideal for light wind performance, smooth power delivery, and faster turning.

This year, the wing tip shape has been changed in order to provide a more direct bar feel and quicker turning. And the bridles have been refined to provide faster turning, more aggressive jumps and bigger airs.

2016 – 2017 RRD LEIJOJA ALENNUKSESSA VÄHINTÄÄN -50 %. Kysy tarjous!

2017 RRD OBSESSION Freestyle/wave 5m – 15m koot. -50% vähintään.    Katso tuote  TÄSTÄ
2017 RRD PASSION Freeride/Big Air 3m – 17m2  -50% vähintään.   Katso tuote TÄSTÄ
2017 RRD RELIGION  Wave/Freeride/strapless 7m – 12m2 koot.  – 50% vähintään.      Katso tuote TÄSTÄ
2016 RRD VISION MK4 All-round 7m-10,5m -50% vähintään.Katso tuote TÄSTÄ

RRD Global Bar V7