Composite PRO fins – Future base

The new RR PRO fins are designed to accommodate different rider weights and styles. Based on a moderate rake template design, this fin line delivers great drive and speed in any conditions. Very reliable in a large variety of water conditions, they provide great performance on any wave shape or surface.

Specifically designed for kiteboards, they excel in grip and release at high speed, both on white turbulent waters or on clean steep sections of the wave. Available in 4 different sizes for Thruster set up and 2 size for Quad setup.

surf evät




The PRO ACTIVE CARBON technology, with a stiffer flex and hi fiber memory, laminated with 2 x layers of DYNANOTEX CARBON, is recommended for bigger waves or warmer water use. You can now customize your boards performance, according to your desired style, with a very simple and effective fin choice that we have discovered over many months of testing in order make your life easier and significantly help to improve your performance level.

Thruster hinta S-XL 75€

Quad hinta M koko 85€
Quad hinta L koko 95€

 rrd pro flex




The ACTIVE GLASS FLEX technology, with a softer flex and lower fiber memory, are recommended for smaller waves, or for cold water use.

Thruster Hinta S – XL 65€
Quad Hinta M 75€
Quad Hinta L 85€

edge-quad-m-lRRD Edge fins
A new collection of surfboards and kitesurboards fins now available in 4 different sizes S/M/ML/L both for thruster and quad set up.

Designed with thicker profile and built with a stiffer layup and technology than the RR pro model fins these fins deliver a great amount of drive through wide base design and the construction combined togerther. More appropriate for powerful riding and plenty of speed, when precision and predictable behavior is essential.

Any thruster set up can be modified into a quad setup simply buying a rear quad set, using the thruster side fins as the front fins.

Hinta : 65€

K race evätRRD K-RACE EVÄT 38/40

3kpl setti 180€

flow5RRD Flow5 G-10 twintip evät 48€
RRD Thruster future POLYsmoke M set hinta 50€