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Apex IV 3.5 549€
Apex IV 5.5 649€  570€ Hyllyssä
Apex IV 8.0 699€  615€  Hyllyssä
Apex IV 11.0 799€ 660€ Hyllyssä

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Apex 4

Designed and fine tuned for your easy entry into snow and land kiting. The new 2013 Apex IV provides perfectly balanced flying characteristics and is ideal for riders exploring the backcountry.
An innovative winglet design reduces bridling, increases turning speed and provides more power than before. It has never been so easy to climb mountains.


  • More progressive power. But retains its legendary stablility and user-friendliness
  • Reduced bridling
  • Upgraded bar
  • improved, highest quality dyneema flying lines

apex statics


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Montana VIII 8.0   965€
Montana VIII 10.0 1045€
Montana VIII 12.0 1109€
Montana VIII 14.0 1155€


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montana 8

Performance requires precision in design. The 8th generation Montana is a totally new kite. Two years of intensive work from our R&D team has resulted in a completely changed shape. A lower AR and C-Kite like shape give added stability to the kite without compromising the performance and light wind ability of the older Montanas.

The clean design was chosen to reduce tolerances in production to a minimum.
The result – an aerodynamic masterpiece.

This becomes noticeable in the direct handling and ease of use. The Montana combines a great freestyle and freeride ability. The increased efficiency of the power per square meter is particularly noticeable in the lower wind range.
Once in the air, the kite gives feedback and provides power.

A redesigned bar and the new magnetic quick release system complete the whole package

  • Direct handling
  • Progressive power
  • Increased low end
  • Easy to fly
  • Very good freeride/ freestyle ability
  • New bar and Chickenloop
  • montana statics
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Matrixx II 7.0 1150€
Matrixx II 9.0 1260€
Matrixx II 12.0 1370€ Hyllyssä
Matrixx II 15.0 1620€
Matrixx II 18.0 1750€

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Matrixx II

One Kite, two concepts

The new Matrixx II is the next logical step after the first Matrixx and sets a new standard in terms of versatility.

Design and Performance

For the new Matrixx II, our design took an in-depth look and took on the latest knowledge of paragliding designs. With almost the same AR, we were able to increase the performance of the kite in every aspect. This is not only due to the new kite design, but also the performance has improved due to the new super light 20D fabric.
The new Matrixx II feels more direct, faster and offers more performance than ever before, the lift, hang time and turning speed are at a higher level. The size split of the Matrixx II is unique. The smaller sizes are well optimized for the mid wind range. The 15 and 18m are especially trimmed for light winds. Due to the usage of a lighter rib material than on the other sizes the weight on the 18m was reduced to only 3.5kg incl. the bar. This makes the 18m to be one of the best light windkites on the market.

Choice of material

The new Matrixx II has a well-chosen mix of different high-spec materials. Every size of the Matrixx II is equipped with our super light 20D ripstop materials. This material saves around 35% of weight in regards to the previous version.
For the bridle, we have chosen a super thin spliced Dyneema line, this will help to reduce the drag produced by the kite and help it to fly faster. We have also chosen material which has been proven for many years within the kiting industry highly effective for the mixer and flying lines. The precision of the manufacturing of the kite is extremely high, only using high standards like this we have been able to build a kite to a high specification and standard of performance.

Who is the Matrixx II intended for?

The Matrixx II is the perfect kite for all who like to experience the maximum of lift and hang time. This kite turns and flies fast with super light materials. This perfect combination lets you be one of the first on the water. It has never been easier to handle a closed cell foil! Yet with the new design generated this has a higher standard of stability, making it perfect to increase the personal riding level for any rider without paying too much attention to the kite. The Matrixx II combines characteristics of different disciplines without their difficulty in handling, so no more tip tucking, big turning radius or difficult launching. It is simply a more enjoyable way of kiting, you just unpack the kite and enjoy every second of your ride. Every size is perfectly adjusted for its wind range. If you want to do long and high jumps, go upwind without thinking about it and experience high end performance, the Matrixx II is the kite of your choice.

matrixx tecnical

matrixx light statics

matrixx 2